1. Each individual or collaborating team agrees to create one single account for participating in this challenge.
  2. Each participating individual or team is allowed a maximum of one submission prior to the date of the conference. After the date of the conference and evaluation of all participating teams, we will allow for a maximum of two more submissions by each team.
  3. Participating teams are allowed to publish the methods that they develop using the data provided in this challenge, provided that they properly cite this challenge.
  4. Participating teams are not allowed to share the data.
  5. Only fully-automatic algorithms are allowed.
  6. Shortly after the conference, a manuscript will be written in which the top 10-15 methods will be explained and their performance will be compared and discussed. Up to two authors from each of the top performing methods will be invited as co-authors. This manuscript will be submitted to a prestigious journal. The author ordering will be decided by the challenge organizers.